Clibming Mt. Everest

Hello All,

I just came back from the gym. I’ll be honest, it was tough. I came home from work rather late at 9:30 and was trying to talk myself out of leaving the house. If it was not for this project, I would have probably skipped the gym. So finally on my way to the gym, I was secretly hoping that the club would be closed due to a pre Independence Day special schedule. I was already calculating in my mind how I would write my new blog post about being upset, that despite my efforts, I could not work out tonight, that it was beyond my control. Nope… no changes…regular hours of operation; open till 11 pm.

So what is Mom supposed to do?  Work out of course. And I did. One hour on the treadmill at 3.4 mph, 2% elevation. Total burnt 346 cal. On my last 5 minutes of cool down I was playing with elevation since the pace automatically changed to 2.7 mph and it was easy to see how far I could climb Everest. Well I have passed the mark of 13.5 and decided it was time to discent.  Then I did abduction and adduction machines for a about 3 minutes each. My arms still hurt from Sunday exercises.

I am off to deposit $2.00 to my FitnessFund. That’s all folks.


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