Well. I have been kind of a fat cat lately. I can’t believe I’ve fallen off the bandwagon so damn hard! Ever since my friend’s shower, I’ve been shoveling food down my gullet like it’s my job!! I can’t believe it! I’ve completely lost sight of my goals. And the fitness fund. I haven’t worked out in 10 days. At all.

I’ve been displaced from my home for the past week. Which has certainly added to my failure. There is construction going on in my home so I haven’t been back for a week. I don’t have any clothes with me, just a couple of dresses so no workout clothes. I can’t even go back and get them. I’ve been staying at my sister’s and she doesn’t cook. I guess this was the perfect excuse to have sushi and pizza every single night for the past week. I feel like a balloon ready to burst, I’ve eaten so much.

Considering the neglect of my diet and exercise regime, I’ve decided to update this blog now daily with a food and exercise log. I thought making a blog would help keep me motivated, and it certainly did in the beginning. I thought to myself “well, maybe if I don’t update the blog, then it didn’t happen!” Wrong. When I take photos and measurements next, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Yep, that’s me.

This truly goes back to the whole “lifestyle change” notion. I could have easily bought groceries at my sister’s place and made salads. Anyway, I’ve re-committed myself to my new lifestyle and to this blog. Reading everyone else’s blogs has been a huge help as well.

So here’s what we got so far for the day:

  • Coffee from Dunkin Donuts – 100 calories? There’s cream in it.
  • Wrap and veggies from Energy Kitchen – 450 calories. (Still waiting for my delivery!)

– Daughter

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