Just to remind you, I’ve put myself on a crash diet for 7 days to fit into a dress that I haven’t fit into in 7 years. This is day 5. 2 more days of this crap! Not eating carbs is ok, I guess but I’d really like something sweet other than sugar free jello and coffee.

I read my mom’s post. Kind of a bummer that she’s having a hard time keeping up with her plans. She called me to say that she had only lost 3 pounds in 9 days…. I’ll make sure to kick her ass. That’s a big deal! She’s used to crash dieting where you lose like 500 pounds in a month’s time. None of that here. Except this once, I’m having an emergency.

I was looking through my closet the other day. I bought a dress last year for my friend’s party. I tried it on at the store and it fit. Or so I thought. I was shopping alone so I didn’t bother zipping up the back. Just assumed that it fit. Brought the dress home, had someone zip it attempt to zip it. It would be a cold day in hell before it got zipped! I loved the dress and vowed to lose weight to fit into it. Yep. Didn’t lose the weight. The party came and I wore the dress anyway. With a white blazer over it, to hide the fact that my back was exposed. Embarrassing hit to my ego. Anyway, I saw the dress in my closet a couple of days ago and I thought “hey, I could use a good cry” so I tried it on. Yes, I cried lots of tears. Of happiness! The dress f*cking zips!! All the way! Woohoo!! It didn’t even fit when I bought it! I’m not going to credit just the past 10 days of Fitness Funding solely on that, but I’m sure it helped.

Now, if only I’ll be able to fit into my size 4 dress from 7 years ago…. Ha. Ha. Ha…

– Daughter

One thought on “Whoa!

  1. Thats great! The dress fits you now! You should post a photo! your can put a yellow smiley face over your face if you don’t want to reveal yourself to the people of the web ^-^



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