Whoa! I totally did it…

Whoa! I totally did it… I’ve managed to lose a whole of 6.4 oz during the past 2.5 weeks of my slim down and firm up of my FitnessFund project!!!????

I can not even measure the level of my success. My understanding was that even if I kept everything unchanged but introduce one sliming down activities I should be able to shed some pounds (not ounces!) in 2.5 weeks. Let’s see what went wrong?

01.  Well, I started my project just before 4th of July. I had overeaten on Independence Day BBQ celebration.

02.  There were numerous birthday parties and get together over the weekends. Lots of food and drinks again.

03.  The biggest obstacle, I believe, I have is the fact that I stay up until very late. Naturally by midnight I feel hungry and by eating late at night, even something small, I am increasing my total daily calories intake when my metabolism is the slowest.

I can credit myself with one success, which is the fact that I am at the gym every other day, skipping just once since the beginning of the FitnessFund Project. I am on treadmill for 1 hour and lifting weights for about 10 minutes after aerobics. I slight muscle pain tells me I am actually working them out. As a result my working out something is growing. Mother’s account of FitnessFund has $14.00 as of yesterday.

What is my resolution? Well as my daughter has put it “it is not another fad diet, but the life style change project”. So Lifestyle Change it is. Once component of that motto has changed already (working out), which left me with two other: watching what and when I eat, and not staying up hungry late.

Any suggestions?

Wish me luck.

– Mother

One thought on “Whoa! I totally did it…

  1. It definitely is a lifestyle change. My mother always tells me that I didn’t gain it over night so why would I expect to lose it overnight? And then I always get the “I hate that you are always right” look and thank her for the reminder.

    I have noticed for me that when I stay up late (as well as not drink enough water (approx 2 liters) throughout my day, eat after 7:30….) I have a horrible outcome when I weight myself in the morning.
    I have had to force myself to start eating by 6:30 and no later than 7:00pm. Also, I try to time it that I do not eat (including snacking) 3 hours before bedtime…although sometimes I slip. Depending on the food though is what the scale says. Fruit does best 🙂

    Great to see a mother and daughter support team with their weightloss goals!
    Keep it up! 🙂

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