Everything in moderation. Including moderation.” – Julia Child

We are 2 average sized ladies from NYC who happen to be Mom and Daughter. We both have a family vacation coming up in December and we want to look fabulous in a bikini! Not that we don’t already but we’d love some more double takes as we walk by. It’s also time that we both change our lifestyles for the better. We have been dieting on and off for years and can’t seem to keep the weight off. That’s because diet’s don’t work! Unfortunately we had to learn the hard way.

Fit, healthy and strong is the goal. And also looking hot. We’d love to say that this is primarily for our health and it absolutely should be. However, we mostly want to look hot. We’re vain but at least we’re not liars! We’re also ridiculously smart (and clearly modest.) We’ve come up with a reward system for our hard work. Instead of cheat meals we’re going to earn some cold, hard cash!

I am going to keep an eye on Mom… I don’t trust her around my jar…

These are our collection jars. Each time we go work out, $2 will be placed in the jar. For each pound we lose, we will be putting in $5. By the time our vacation comes, not only will we look great but we will give ourselves the ultimate reward for our hard work: A new bikini to look good in for the vacation. We’d also like to share a percentage of the wealth with a charity of our choice. We have yet to decide which charity but will update this when we do. Suggestions are welcome!

We are going to share everything that you want to know and probably some extras that you’d rather not know: progress photos and measurements, monetary earnings, recipes, work outs, tips that work for us and more! We will be writing about our experience multiple times weekly but updating our stats and photos bi-monthly. We’d love to have you join our fitness fund! Leave us a comment or follow us and we can do this together! There’s strength in numbers, you know…

– Mom & Daughter  

PS: We have to acknowledge our Father/Husband who last year lost 50 pounds and has kept it off! He is a huge inspiration to both of us and proof that it truly takes a complete lifestyle overhaul to reach your fitness goals.

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    • Thank you so much! We’re hoping documenting this on WordPress as well as doing this together will be even more of an incentive to succeed. For ourselves and readers!

      • I Totally agree. Theonly reason why I am able to go so far with weight loss is because of the people here who supports me. Same goes for most of us with weight loss blogs.
        The support system online is great.

        Really looking forward to see your progress.

        Daughter – Your body is not far from being gorgeous!

        Mother – Its wonderful to be doing this with your daughter. ^-^

        Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I will try my best to stay focused this time. For both of us. And it feels even better that our combined efforts to better our looks would make it possible to raise some money for the cause (yet to be determined).

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    • Thank you so much!! We’re so honored and flattered! And thank you for writing such a nice description about our blog in addition to the nomination. We truly appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge our blog! =)

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