I haven’t written in here in about a week. Just to update you. The fad diet did not work. I couldn’t fit into my dress in a week. And I didn’t cheat. Oh well.

Since Saturday, I have cheated. A LOT. I had 2 good days since then, including today. I’m back on track. I’m focused again. In case you haven’t noticed, my mom and I did not update our stats at the two week mark as planned. Regardless of how well we did, we should really be keeping track. Despite my errors, I see physical and monetary progress. The number on the scale may be yo yoing a little but at least I see muscle development because I have continued working out. Which also means my fitness fund has been growing! At this rate, I’ll still be pudgy but have some money and some invisible muscle (you know, because of the abundant layers of fat.)

I’m back at my controlled state and it feels good. I certainly had to force it after being off track completely for a few days. I just keep thinking about my goal every time I want to cheat. I plan to gym it tonight, even though I hate the gym. I have HIIT tomorrow afternoon though. I feel better now that I’ve been working out. A TON of energy in general, not to mention the ridiculous endorphin boost right after.

I think the best way to keep on track is to cook all your food, don’t go out to eat period and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLAN AHEAD!!! If I’m hungry and there’s something around that I shouldn’t eat, I’ll eat it. If I’m hungry and there’s something around that I shouldn’t eat but I have a snack with me that I should eat, I’ll eat the snack and then forget about the bad food.

My current sentiments about my cheating behavior…


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