My Kryptonite

I clearly have too much free time at work…

Everyone has their weakness. I have been battling mine for years. On the subway on the way to work this morning, I got hit with a craving. Hard. I tried to talk myself out of it. As I was leaving the subway, I tripped up the stairs and hurt my toe. So I then decided that I deserved to give in to, what I consider, my kryptonite.

Diet Soda.

In this case, it was diet orange soda. OK OK, I get it… It’s not like I ate an entire pepperoni pizza. I don’t feel guilty in the sense that I fear weight gain. I just can’t believe that diet soda has such control over me! I’ve been really good the past few weeks on cutting down. I consider this an addiction even though I don’t necessarily have one daily. But when the craving hits, I MUST have one. I’ve left at 2 in the morning just to have one…

Also, I should probably update you on Day 2!

I gave in and stepped on the scale this morning… I owe myself some money already! Yay! I just HAD to take a peek to see if 2 days of effort did anything…

I pretty much ate everything that I had intended to eat: Whole Wheat Bread in the morning with Peanut Butter, Almonds as a snack, Tuna sandwich on WW Bread for lunch, Dinner was this little egg/broccoli dish I make that I’ll put up the recipe for this week. I had a small cheat. I went to a focus group to earn some cash and ate a mini pita with some veggies in it. Ok, 2… But I justified that since I did HIIT yesterday! And I burned like 700 calories, so there!

Today, I packed up my lunch. Had a piece of bread with peanut butter this morning. I’m having a WW wrap with cucumber, carrots, tomato and hummus inside for lunch (under 300 calories!) I forgot my snacks for the day though =( That’s all for now!

– Daughter

One thought on “My Kryptonite

  1. I know what you mean about having a weakness. I have several actually. Because I am so in-love with food and having to cut down on some and also to cut out others was a pain for me.
    My weakness is SPICY CHICKEN WINGS. Anything from fried, buffalo, grilled, muslim and long as its chicken wings and its spicy… I MUST HAVE IT!
    That is my biggest weakness when it comes to food.

    As for drink. I’m lucky enough to not be so fond of soda’s but I love JUICE drinks which can also have VERY high sugar content. But I’m not so addicted to them.

    But yeah. I hope your toe is feeling better. =^0^=

    Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

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