Whole wheat bread


This is Mom…

Here is the bread I made last night. It is so good and really easy to make. Well it is easy now, after I made it number of times. I remember how nervous I was at my very first try of bread making (about 4 years ago). I believe I started with one of the most complex breads – French baguettes. Once you nail French baguettes, everything else is really easy.

I am keeping myself from the kitchen; otherwise you know what is going to happen. I could not make it to the gym today, so tomorrow I will contribute another $2.00 to the FitnessFund meaning that I will make it to the gym. I actually like the idea of paying myself to go to the gym. I would rather prefer somebody else pay me for staying in shape (more then $2.00 of course), but it is not happening at this point of my life.

So if I work out 5 days a week for 52 weeks, I would manage to contribute to the FitnessFund $520.00 a year. Maybe I will increase my contribution once I see the results.

We will see….

– Mom

8 thoughts on “Whole wheat bread

  1. I love the idea of the fitness fund. This might be a good thing to keep me going once my fiance is back from Afghanistan. He and I tend to be super lazy with each other. It’s a terribly cycle of lazing around and eating and promising to work out “tomorrow”. Hah!

    • This is Mom…
      Why don’t you start right now? By the time your fiancé comes back from Afghanistan not only you will show him your new body but you will start something exiting and he might join you as well. In fact when we discussed this project (it took us about 15 minutes, haha…) we hoped that other people will follow our effort and start saving some money while getting in shape.The contribution amount could vary since people have different financial situation. The more I think about this concept the more I like it. Not very modest… Right?

      • It’s a great concept! No need for modesty when your idea is great 🙂 I think this could be a great thing to add to my random savings jar. Once I start teaching in August I’ll be able to actually do it. I’m excited! Thank you for sharing this idea!!

  2. Dear Lambsauce,

    I just updated the recipe with the link to “Cook’s Illustrated”. It got lost somehow when the recipe was published. Enjoy! Please let me know how it would turn out.


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