Nightmare-ish Day

Do you ever catch a glimpse at your own reflection without realizing it? And then, upon realizing you’re actually looking at yourself, you develop a complex for the rest of the day? Ever happen to you twice within a half hour’s time!?

I was sitting on the subway next to a shiny surface and saw my reflection. My shirt was bunched in a way that made me look like I had a massive chunk of fat on my back. I went to fix it and well, wouldn’t you know it… It actually was a massive chunk of fat. Bummer #1.

Bummer #2. Walking out of the subway to the office, feeling fat, seeing my reflection in a glass door and ripping this girl apart (before knowing that it was me… Did I mention I’m a horrible human being?) Realized it was me.

Today sucks.

Also, an update to day 1. My 10 mile bike ride turned into 5 miles because I saw some lighting and got scared. What a wuss! But at least I got some exercise in! Today is HIIT day!

– Daughter

3 thoughts on “Nightmare-ish Day

  1. Oi. Sometimes I let this derail my entire day. Once I get negative self-talk started, it’s hard to stop. It becomes an obsession. Don’t let you get you!

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