I did it again DAY 1

Me today…

It is Sunday, July 1. My first day for Daughter-Mother Fitness-Fund project. I was good until my friends phoned me at about 3pm and asked if they could come over to cool off at the pool. They would bring food so I wouldn’t have to do anything. Yea, right…. As a hostess you always end up of doing majority of work. I just finished cleaning and I still have to bake whole wheat loaf of bread, as I do every 4-5 days.

My day started with a light breakfast (2 cups of acidulated water, 4 tbsps of fat free cottage cheese, and one pancake made with 2 tbsps of oat bran). Then my lunch even lighter (so I thought) 4 oz of skillet seared salmon, 1 tsp of quacamole, small mixed salad and 20 sweet cherries. I went to the gym for 1.5 hours. This is how good I was (so I thought). I was so proud of myself. My first $2.00 went to the FitnessFund jar.

Later on in the day I asked my daugher to check how many calories are in 40 sweet cherries (I had 20 more by this time). To my surprise 40 cherries amount to 160 calories. Who would have thought????!!!! It appears that those little sweet darlings I am popping into my mouth and thinking that I’m being good are actually adding so many calories to my planned 1200 cal a day.

Then, the roller coaster started. My friends brought so much food. For the next 5 hours we ate, and ate and ate. Well I do have my first $2.00 in the Fitness Fund jar, but tomorrow I have to start all over again. Wish me luck…..

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