Numbers do not lie…

It is day 10 since my daughter and I started joint FitnessFund project. I already had broken my promise to change my lifestyle by overeating twice (once on 4th of July and another day when I had to have homemade strawberry jam and a couple of toasts), and skipping the gym once which I planned to go to every other day. When I started this project I thought I would just eat less and go to gym for treadmill and for firming up by using the machines. Looking back I really should have planned better. What does “eating less” mean? I need a clear picture. I like numbers. So this is what I have come up to in terms of achieving my goal.

My current weight = 138 lb

My goal is to lose = 13 lb

My RMR* (resting metabolic rate) = 1100 calories

My level of daily activities = low

1 lb = 3500 calories

Total goal calories: 13 lb x 3500 cal = 45500 calories

Time to reach my goal = 5 months = 150 days

Daily caloric deficit needed: 45500 /150 = 303 calories a day

This can be achieved by diet or exercise, or both. It does not seem like a lot of calorie deficit. Right?

Easy said than done.  It means I have to control my love of food and my dislike of gym every single day. Am I that strong? I forgot what was the reason I started this project? Oh, to look good in a bathing suit. Really? Do I really want to look good in a bathing suit that bad?

That was my moment of weakness. I will continue this project for many reasons –first of all, for the sake of my daughter, for myself and for the future charity (TBA). As to looking good in bathing suit, it would be nice, but it is not a priority. I have $10.00 in my jar (yes, I just came back from the gym).

We will see….


*Check this site. It has tons of weight loss related information.

P. S. Featured image was borrowed from Yahoo “Numbers Art Imaged”

2 thoughts on “Numbers do not lie…

  1. I think this is the first “MOM” post I’ve read. =^o^=
    when I regained my weight and started over I was at 138 ^_^ I have been taking it slow now-a-days. Slow and Steady wins the race right?
    You will be able to do it! I know you can! You and your daughter are beautiful people inside and out. Seeing you guys achieve your goals will be such a wonderful thing. 😛



    • Thank you so very much for your encouraging words. My last night post did not come from a good place. It just was not my day. I will stay on the project of course. My daughter was not happy with my post either. She told me the main reason we started FitnessFund project was for us to look good in a bathing suit. It is kind of silly, but it is partially true. I also had reasons other than vanity, like working together with my daughter and having fun along the way; believe it or not start saving money for fun stuff, committing to share saved money to a charity. I understand it is going to be a bumpy road. But I will stay on. Thanks again….


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