Painful Decision…

Ugh… Well. As I’ve said many times over, fad diets are shit. I don’t believe in them for the long run and I don’t think people should do them. I’ve done them with good results. However, they don’t last very long. That’s why changing one’s lifestyle is really the way to go. Which has been where my recent efforts lay.

But now, I’ve been forced to make a decision. I completely forgot that next weekend, I have a bridal shower and that I have a dress that I’d like to fit into. Sure, I can wear a different dress. But I want this one. Last time I fit into it comfortably, I was 18 years old. I tried it on today and I can almost zip it up. If I lost some water I’d definitely be able to zip it up.

Therefore, I will be doing 7 days of a faddish diet. I say “ish” because it won’t be as extreme as I’ve done in the past. It will essentially consist of the same amount of calories as my current eating plan but will eliminate fruit, starchy veggies and simple carbs like bread. I’ll be on fish, nuts, eggs and leafy greens for a week. AKA no carbs. Bummer. I told myself and all of you I’d never do this again but it’s just for 7 days. And it’s because I desperately want to fit into this dress!

Only 7 days, I can do it… I can’t help but feel like I’ve let myself down. I broke a promise to myself for a stupid dress…

– Daughter

*Thanks Whole Foods Market for the Photo!

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